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Upgrading to Windows 7 With Great Difficulty

I’m upgrading a Win2K machine to Windows 7.  I would normally just wait till I buy a new one, but the box is only a year old and it keeps crashing.  Its my main video and audio recorder (more about that later) so its getting too annoying to ignore.  My laptop was Vista and it began crashing recently and stopped when I upgraded to Win7, so I’m hoping the upgrade has a good chance of helping.

First problem was it wouldn’t install on Dynamic disks.  So I cleared a disk and set it to basic.  Then it wouldn’t install without a System Partition:  “Setup couldn’t create new system partition”.  Judging from the 66 Google Hits, this seems to be a rather obscure problem.

I thought a Linux person had the answer.  LinuxUser77 said on technet:

Dude I was in your shoes and I found what the problem is… Windows install wnt allow the bios of your Pc to point at any other hdd than the one you intent to install windows on, so go to the BIOS and change the hdd order temporarilly to the hdd you will copy winblows and you will see the setup start with no delay….

No good. 😦

Next I’m going to pull all the other drives and give it another go.

Trivia: Shift+F10 in Win7 install will give you a command prompt.


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