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LINQ To C# – Drop Dead

What’s up with no edit & continue support for methods with Lambda Expressions(mostly from LINQ queries).

Error    7    Modifying a ‘method’ which contains a lambda expression will prevent the debug session from continuing while Edit and Continue is enabled.

Originally this post was going to be “LINQ Vs. Edit and Continue”, but then I found this article on MSDN saying how it works just fine in Visual Basic.  Visual Basic!  WTF!!!

The details for VB are a little cagey though:

You can add or remove code before the LINQ statement…. Your Visual Basic debugging experience for non-LINQ code remains the same as it was before LINQ was introduced.

Does this mean if you add or remove code after a LINQ statement it stops edit and continue, or does this mean MSDN needs a better editorial staff?  The “before” seems to cast doubt on the statement that “debugging experience for non-LINQ code remains the same ”  Not that I really care since I like my languages with curly brackets.

If you want to know what you can’t do in C# edit and continue, read this article.  I personally have no interest in what I can’t do. I only want to know when I’ll be able to do it and I couldn’t find any articles on that.  I heard from a friend that its not fixed in C# 4.0.   😦

LINQ is too good to give up, but this is really getting annoying.

I’m almost (getting this close) ready to make my own solution, or horrors, switching to VB.


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