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Visio Vs. Pencil – Pencil Wins and You Lose

Matt Davey recently wrote about studies of software development diagrams.

In my experience, a pencil and paper design is better than a Visio diagram because it can be created, edited, and iterated much more quickly and the pencil doesn’t get in the way. Rarely do I fight my real life ruler to make straight lines, but I regularly curse Visio.

There is no need for the overwhelming number of Visio software and systems diagrams.  The diagrams would be 10 times as good with 1/10th the effort if the pencil (with liberal allowance for erasers) were used instead.  These diagrams can be easily scanned and kept forever with documentation.

The real issue is that the managers, the people who have no interest in the functionality of the diagrams themselves, insist on diagrams made with tools.  So Visio diagrams get created, they are rarely if ever updated and they take much more time to create with no extra benefit.  Thank you PHB.



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