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@Lab this Week 11/20

Doug Finke was supposed to be podcasting from Microsoft PDC, this was what we heard.

Lots of discussion about ORM and Entity Framework vs. nHibernate with this conclusion.

Folks are happy that MS has open sourced  the “.NET Micro Framework”.  I met the announcement with “What the *!?*&^%# is the .Net Micro Framework”.  Read the link and you’ll find out.

.Net Meetup – I went and really enjoyed it.

NYFLEX Meetup.

There was a bit of interest in this story of Madoff’s programmers being arrested.  The consensus is that programming for financial companies is rarely illegal, so don’t worry friends.

As always, the biggest buzz in my section of the office is hiring.  As usual, we’re looking for UX, C#/.Net, WPF, Silverlight & Flex, and Java.  I heard talk of OLAP too. Some standard position info is here.  You can email if you’re interested and you qualify.  The bar is pretty high, but they let me in so you might get lucky too.

Friday came pretty quickly and just when I was thinking it seemed a little subdued this week and was wondering when the next Friday Seminar will be, surprise pizza showed up and made my day (thanks James).  The whole office (not too many in attendance this Friday) ate happily, though perceptions of quality did vary.

Probably will be pretty slow again next week with the holiday.

Heard @Lab

One guy is hard core because he uses the command line in SVN (don’t laugh, he fixed my project in 2 minutes).  Another guy blows him away, he uses Chrome and doesn’t even use bookmarks.


World Bank data now indexed by Google

The World Bank also released an API earlier this year.

Forgot to mention LispNYC last week.  I’m going to try to attend these in future.


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