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Happy Holidays @Lab 12/4/09


The highlight of the week was probably a highlight of the year.  An awesome Holiday party.  It looked like most of the NY office was there along with many spouses and significants.

image Lots of tech talk and geek speak.  I would wager Futurama is a company favorite.  I heard something unexpected: a female expounding on the humor of Zoidberg.

imageThe liquor was flowing so my wife was happy too (not a Futurama fan). I had as many as possible myself, which unfortunately is only 2.  Mojito was the preferred drink.  It’s too bad there’s no mixed drink sampler.  Most people, myself being the prime example, don’t know what’s out there or what they like…  Even this list wasn’t really much help.

imageCraft Bar is great.image The food was excellent.  I was surprised how much I liked the salmon.  Its not your regular salmon, it was more like a cross between lox and sashimi. Even after eating a ton of appetizers – fantastic.
image The appetizers were interesting and plentiful – every time I turned around there was something to try or retry. The bar was free flowing and as far as I could tell a good time was had by all.
imageAll that and iPod Nanos too.  The dinner was really awesome, so I was blown away by the gift.  Thanks Lab.

This is a beautiful device.  It plays and records audio, video and stills.  What’s not to love?

My wife and son keep asking for mine, but after playing with it a little, I want it.

Regular Stuff

image It seems not everyone is aware there are four Futurama movies.  They’re all awesome.  You should watch them.

It’s news to me that new Futurama episodes are coming in 2010.  Woo-Hoo!


Regular Stuff — Really

We’re still talking about testing.  Its getting very instructive with use cases and scenarios being hashed out.

Great laugh here.

Some idiot sent a support request to the whole company – more laughs ensued.

Lots of interest in (pivot) Grids for WPF.  I didn’t follow it too closely, but I got an honorable mention for my charting work as the subject expanded.

This post on diverse Software Engineering  topics seems to underpin everything we do and everything we’re talking about.

Soda Days are Toast

I just noticed that there’s an order of magnitude (probably 2) larger portion of water being drunk at Lab49 than soda.  I personally rarely drink soda.  I recommend the sparkling water which is always cold and refreshing in the fridge.  Wow, we’re just so health conscious.  🙂

Regular Stuff



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