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Time is of the essence.

New Year @Lab

A Junior Partner Has Arrived

image Congratulations!

New Year @Lab

I came in to 2 new projects and things are starting to pick up again @Lab.

Everyone said their happy new years and how was your vaca.  The sound of recruiting made a pleasant reprise.

Lots of folks are ending old projects and starting new projects.  Looks like all the new projects are in our favorite technologies.  Great stuff is happening – its in the air.

Back to School

The financial fundamentals training class starting next week is going to turn into a real party.  Around 20 people might be there, newcomers and old timers as well.  I’m really looking forward to it.

Desktop Esspresso

08-01-10_1215 My table mate @Lab has setup her own Espresso stand and its proving very popular.

The coffee box reminds me of a chess set and the whole thing is very elegant.  Stop by for a demonstration – video coming soon!






Docking Windows In WPF

While some are of the opinion that MDI is dead and should stay that way, we did get plenty of good recommendations for docking windows for a new demo we’re building:

People recommended Infragistics. There’s a live XBAP demo here.

DevExpress DxDocking was reviewed – its a lot like Visual Studio docking.  I bet a lot of people are looking for that.

The Lab has even created some of its own specialized docking windows in the  QuickSilver Demo.

Entity Framework 2 – Almost here

I haven’t seen it yet, but this video was recommended “for a very fast but thorough tour of the new features” with this caveat:

I would bear in mind that some of the most important new features that are still slated for VS2010, including self-tracking entities, are not in the Beta 2 and available only as a separate "feature preview" download.

Muscle Control

image The picture in this article looks a little heroin freaky to me.  I’ll pass.  One gamer @Lab is eagerly awaiting the first real product.


Wii Dangers

Seems we all have Wiinjury stories.  The controllers fly through the air like missiles.  Muscle strains and soreness. Black eyes and broken coffee tables.  Cool game.

@Lab Competition Coming

Word has it that an official newsletter is coming – stay tuned.


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