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Time is of the essence.

Week @Lab

A random list of things I saw and heard @Lab this week.


There’s been Some discussion of the Reactive Framework.  It seems to be this year’s hot .Net topic (aside from .Net 4.0 itself).

Mini Meetup

I stayed late at the office on Wednesday and almost got roped in to a Java mini-Meetup – half a dozen lab guys talking Java for a couple hours.

Maybe next time if you guys have food I’ll stay.

Microsoft Success Story?

Is this success story this actual IT failure?  Maybe I should switch to Java…

UX on Friday

I’ve keep hearing about a Friday meeting that the UX folks have.  I wonder what they’re up to.

All the Cool Kids Are Wearing Black

Some of the best developers @Lab prefer a black background in their Visual Studio dev environment (along with a host of other color customizations).  One developer who attempted the switch this week went back in just a couple days.  I personally, get overwhelmed by the look and have trouble understanding code this way. YMMV.


Chocolate Diet

I brought chocolates to the office to celebrate my new diet which made lots of people happy but confused.  My new diet is basically drinking diluted vinegar with sweetener all day and eating pretty much anything I want.  I found it to be the cure for heartburn and hypoglycemia. I’m also wheat free – because it makes me sick (don’t ask) , not because I’m trendy – not that anybody should really care.

Another Labber brought in some farmer’s market apples of which I thoroughly partook.

Just another reason we love the home office – its homey.


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  1. Re: All the Cool Kids Are Wearing Black, I too find this environment uncomfortable. I also note that every dev is different. On a C++ project 10 years ago I noticed that in a group of about 10 devs. each dev. used the IDE in a different way, including one or two who opted for Vi instead! 🙂

    Comment by Kevin McFarlane | January 16, 2010 | Reply

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