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Cool Tool Roundup


imageRooler is just awesome  when you want to see measurements on the screen.

WPF Control Template Utility

This utility is simple and shows the default control template.  Just what you need when customizing controls.  On the other hand, when creating controls, you may want to start from scratch (in Blend of course)…

It’s pretty nasty that VS 2008 won’t show a visual representation of a Template XAML but Blend will.  I just started using Expression Blend today and I like it.

WPF Colors

This color chart is handy.  Then again, why search for colors, when you can just pick one at, or just use Blend.



I was about to use the snoop utility to try to understand a running app, but then a colleague walked by and solved my problems with Blend


Reflector, seems like it should be on this list, but I still haven’t used it much, though I know a lot of folks who love it

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  1. I have to check out Rooler. I have an old version of Screen Calipers back from when it was free.

    Comment by m# | January 27, 2010 | Reply

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