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Week @Lab – Jan 23, 2010

A random selection of lab happenings witnessed by yours truly.

Coming Soon:  Crazy Eddy’s

Preparation is underway for a Crazy Eddy at our NY Office.  Have your passcards ready.

Happy MLK

I arrived in the office Monday to a party atmosphere.  Since clients were closed and we weren’t, lots of Labbers were in attendance.

Recruiting is Funny

I’ve got to hand it to our recruiters – it can’t be easy to screen with an audience.  We all cracked up when J responded “So, you’re asking why I’m hiring developers from Singapore?”  Yes, we scour the globe.

Visual Studio Can Wait

From what I hear, the beta of VS 2010 is not ready to be my primary dev environment and the R# beta is even worse.  I think VS 2008 crashes enough, I can wait a few more months for VS2010.

Jerked TwitterMania

The lunch cart is on Twitter???  Service is hardly “Facebook Fast”, but Labbers swear by the Jerk Chicken.  I prefer the closer cart with lamb.

Fundamentals of Finance – Week 2

Pay attention N***.  Two down, six to go.


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