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Week @ Lab 2/13/10

Best Practices in DI/IoC

Interesting discussion about best practices in Dependency Injection (DI/IoC).  There’s a consensus that injecting the container is usually wrong.  Basic design still prevails, objects should have specific responsibilities and you’ll stay out of trouble.

some references: LosTechies, Ayende

FX Cop has rules to help out too:

CA1505 Avoid unmaintainable code

CA1506 Avoid excessive class coupling

Snow Day

10-02-10_1310 My little team had our regular stand up meeting, though it was call-in.  And I got a lot of work done at home before sled runs.  My son wasn’t too happy about that though. & Hate for VB

This MVVM toolkit got us talking about VB.

VB is not our favorite language, but a few came out against being against.  It’s too verbose for most of us.

‘Beep’ is a keyword, so maybe its not all bad.


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