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HPC at Large and @Lab


Last week Greg Luck, the founder and now CTO of Ehcache, came from Australia and presented at the HPC/Cloud Computing Workgroup and the @Lab Seminar.

Shawn Gandhi, of Lab49 runs the Workgroup (that’s him above with the microphone and Greg Luck is standing behind the podium).  The workgroup is hosted monthly by Lab49 and Liquidnet.  You can get more information about their public meetings here.

The presentation was a highly technical talk about all things caching (including distributed caching and where it fits with various HPC/cloud architectures).  Greg talked about Ehcache and how it can be deployed in the cloud, EC2 specifically.

About Ehcache (from terracotta):  EHCache provides the world-standard caching interface … to Java applications; and it is easy to use. EHCache has hundreds of thousands if not millions of production deployments. And EHCache is embedded in many popular products from the Spring framework, to Liferay, to Alfresco, to Documentum, to Hibernate. If you name it, it is likely using EHCache.

Both the Workgroup and Lab presentations had a great turn out, interactive audience, and an in-depth view of the topic.

I learned a bit about the caching product, which is mostly Java focused (with REST and SOAP APIs).  Interesting stuff.  Greg knew what he was talking about inside out.  I was very impressed that quite a few Labbers knew highly technical details of caching standards, algorithms and semantics as well.  I unfortunately, am not one of them.


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