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Time is of the essence.

Weeks @Lab

Here’s a wrapup of the past few weeks @Lab.


The Party at Slate was a blast.


Feats of strength.



Demonstrations of skill.image

Plenty of talk of tech and life.

And great drinks.

Springtime @Lab

There’s something to be said for older buildings and I’m saying it.  The windows open and the light in the kitchen is great.  The kitchen is filled with nutritious (and other) snacks.

09-03-10_1036 09-03-10_1035

UX Team Moves Out

The cool kids have left the floor, but they’re still in the building.  Most of the UX team can be found downstairs in their own space now.  The main office is regularly oscillating between empty and full.


Alex Kirtland presented on Prediction markets.  I was snowed in and missed this image one.

Peter Sokol-Hessner presented on the intersection of psychology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience.  Very interesting.  It reminded me of Predictably Irrational.


Semester’s Over – Final Exam

Everyone at the last Markets class was focused on the final exam.  I saw some cramming before the test and I’m sure it was quite challenging for some Labbers without a finance background.

I’m glad I took the class, but I’ll be happy to get one night a week back.  Hopefully I can find time to finish Haskell.

Fun Stuff

How to innovate in comics.


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