Tech Tock

Time is of the essence.

Week @Lab

Random observations from where I sit.

Why Great Developers Need Great Designers

Developer:  Is this button style I created offensive to the design?
UX Designer:  Yes.

Good News Everybody

image Futurama is coming back.

A new episode will air 6/24 – as reported on slashdot.

Words I’d Like to See in the Dictionary

notifee: n. target party of a notification

FireFox 3.6 Released

Multithreaded javascript?  Html5. Oh My.

Check out this cool chrome site for fast javascript and try it with your favorite browsers.

Attack of the Killer Monitors

There’s a bunch of huge monitors @Lab and they’re not just for UX guys.  I finally got myself a 24” monitor and its totally awesome, especially since my other monitor is a laptop.  It really takes the blinders off.

Interestingly geeky discussion of eye orientations, angle of vision, and horizontal vs. vertical ensued as others admired their monitors.

Challenging and Corporate

Lab49 is on the wait list for the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge running race. It seems we have a few marathon runners on staff.  This being a 3.5 miler, I guess that won’t help, but I would come to cheer a new challenge in the recruitment team – that race looks too close to call.

Best Backup?

For those of us who have forever been meaning to get our personal backups in proper order some were recommending:

Memo Portal:  At $49/yr it sounds good to me.  Also it has Windows Mac and Linux support.

I heard  has good price on multiple machines.

Mozy and Carbonite came up but I don’t know about them…  I’m still not ready, I hope something irresistible comes along so I can take this off my todo list.


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