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Unity: Details Optional – Rx: Documentation Optional


A first chance exception of type ‘Microsoft.Practices.Unity.ResolutionFailedException’ occurred in Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll

A first chance exception of type ‘Microsoft.Practices.Composite.Presentation.Regions.Behaviors.RegionCreationException’ occurred in Microsoft.Practices.Composite.Presentation.dll


I love Unity and all things Composite, but I’d like a little more than this information when resolution fails.  I thought I knew the missing interface mapping, but I was wrong.  Now I’m on to “break on all exceptions” as a fix. 

I’m sure deep in the bowels of the Unity code, the exact type/interface failures are known, somebody dropped the ball not putting it in the message – I just don’t have time right now to open up the code and fix it, so I think I’ll just complain.

While I’m on the subject of complaints, the Rx library has some truly awesome features and astonishingly completely absent documentation.

end rant.




June 3, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. You can find the real error in unity resolution by digging through the 10 levels of inner exceptions, but I normally keep break on all exceptions on anyway. I’ve been thinking of a VS extension to drill down to the last inner exception and show that, but it’s on a long list of TO DO items.

    Comment by David Barnhill | June 5, 2010 | Reply

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