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image Tweat.It

A side project by a UX team member launched a couple weeks ago called  It’s by far the easiest way to find a mobile food vendor near you, which can come in especially handy for those folks who are in different parts of the city from time to time…  or all the time.  I just love that truck.

Enjoy and happy eating!

Hiring Hiring Hiring

Java anyone?  Apply here.  WPF, Silverlight, C#, Flex, C++, that’s good too.

githubGit It from Linus

With an esteemed colleague constantly lauding GitHub and the release of GitHub Subversion support, I did a little research and found this interesting article and presentation by Linus Torvalds.  Linus starts out ragging on CVS (tarballs are better) and Subversion and it just gets better from there:  “By definition anyone who disagrees [with Linus] is stupid and ugly” got a good laugh from the crowd.  I can only imagine the curses he’s reserved for Visual SourceSafe.

Connection Overload

Add Facebook to the list of social networks where you can find Lab49.

Quote of the Week

“you might try this book that my uncle co-wrote”

Apple Vs. Microsoft Redux

I was somewhat skeptical of Apple being worth more than Microsoft, but after seeing these charts (floating on the Lab49 conversationsphere), I’m on the fence.  Apple is definitely on a growth tear while MS has a “disturbing slowdown”.  Growth can’t continue forever, but it seems a case can be made that Apple’s income can exceed Microsoft’s in a few years.  They’re probably both overvalued IMHO.



Expression Studio 4 Launched

Available on MSDN.


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