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Great all hands meeting @Lab.  Everyone in NY was there and company philosophies were well explained — for 2 hours!  And that was the short version!  But this is a management meeting I can handle and not just because of the drinks afterward.  These guys really know what they’re talking about and the Q&A was interesting and informative.  But the drinks were good and there was plenty of mingling with Lab’s best and brightest.  Talk tended to the standard geeky topics: Flash vs Apple vs. Silverlight, JavaScript, AOP for INotify, projects, HTML5,  etc..

Quote of the Week

“Even a negative result is a result.”

.Net Vs. Java

The heartbreaking story of Java beating the pants off Net. (NSFW scene toward the end).

Silverlight vs. JS

Finally a little love for Silverlight.  Silverlight is still good even though JavaScript has JQuery.

HTML 5 Anyone?

– Sproutcore

– 52framework

– Sencha Touch (Mobiles)

Although Google did support flash on their android … They just rewrote the mobile YouTube site in HTML5!

A draft of Mark Pilgrim’s “Dive into HTML 5” to be published by O’Reilly.

Opening Windows From Silverlight Can Be Unpleasant

HtmlPage.PopupWindow:  sure it exists, but it requires a user action and it doesn’t give you all the control you may want.  I usually go to JavaScript where you need to open up another application instance if you want another Silverlight window.  The you’re into LocalConnections for communication.


A jQuery plug-in. Yes, now there’s even more juicy goodness in jQuery.

Data Visulizations

Parallel coordinates

Elastic Lists

NY Times Article, Nobel Prize Winners, Prix Ars Electronica, Interactive Art, Social Media (in German)

Elastic List Open Source Project


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