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Time is of the essence.


Welcome Aboard Jimmy Schementi

IronRuby core team member, Jimmy Schementi, is joining Lab49.  Read about his decision here.  MS bashing here.


I caught David Padbury’s WPF/Blend demo at the July .Net Meetup.  He really made it look easy and the demonstrated behaviors were pretty cool.

I’ll be presenting on WPF at the September 21st .Net Meetup.

Coming Soon

For the worlds most useful WPF XAML Converter watch this space.  It even beats BooleanToVisibilityConverter IMHO!  It’s brilliant simplicity.

Grid Computing

Lots of grid computing talk.  Data Grid, Computation Grid, whatever, it all sounds pretty whiz bang cool to me.

Here’s some links.



Globus: “the daddy of grid computing software”
EHCache (including Terracotta distribution option):

Web 3.0 is here – All Hail Web 4.0

Access Memory Directly At Your Own Risk

Here’s some instructions on how to access memory directly in JAVA.  Use caution.

Canonical Data Models Considered Harmful

It's BeautifulThe Shangri-La of a single all encompassing data model for disparate business units will mostly likely become a tortuous chimera.


I missed the Lab Seminar Presentation on time management – maybe that’s a primary indication I should have gone.


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