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RX Video Review Part 2


My previous post makes it seem like there’s no good RX videos.  Actually the RX in Depth videos are excellent for what they cover.  On the rxwiki, these are the only videos they link to specifically.  They mostly talk about how you can combine Observables and show “marble diagrams” (such as the above picture) that make it all very quickly comprehensible.

The drag drop demo is good to show the power and WOW Factor of RX.

So there are some good videos, but maybe what I’m looking for is some detail on the classes and methods.  There’s no videos about helpful classes such as Subject or ReplaySubject and no discussion of the methods available other than the combinators.  I’m sure there’s a wealth of classes and methods available in RX.  I’m going to have to look further to find the documentation I prefer.

The “Hands On Lab” is 42 pages – I may look into that.


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