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Linq to SQL – Not Dead Yet?

Is Linq to SQL Dead?  Microsoft says no in this cute Visual Studio Features vs. imageMyths applet.

Damien Guard (MS L2S/EF team member), on the other hand, tells how the framework will die slowly:

We said we would improve the core of it and add customer requests where it makes sense but that Entity Framework would be the primary focus.

If you heard otherwise it certainly wasn’t from this team.

Seems to be on life support, with the family just arguing if the tax situation is right to pull the plug this year or next.

Read all about the bug fixes, ahem, new features in L2S in .Net 4.0 here.

I wouldn’t mind its demise as long as something so simple and easy exists in EF when it goes.  I’m thrilled the ThreadPool is Dead and I hope I can be just as excited when Linq2SQL finally kicks.


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