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Time is of the essence.


Here’s another installment of our n-part series @Lab.


Honestly, every charting lib sucks in its own special way.

The coda of a truly inspired F# trashing:

If you’re interested in functional programming, Haskell ought to be the absolute lower bound.

In a comment to an MSDN Poll on Visual Studio Add-Ins, Ryan Cromwell said:

ReSharper tries my patience often with its instability, but overall I can’t live without it.

I couldn’t agree more.

Break Into Groups and Discuss

Lab49 is so big now we can break into sizeable focused technology groups.  My group, Lab Interactive (the front end guys), went out for drinks.  I’m sure it was a great time.  Too bad I wasn’t able to attend.  Sorry guys – see you next time.

Lunch and Learn

Awesome lunch for a bunch of us in Midtown South at Chennai Garden.  I love this Indian buffet.  I recommend a side of mango chutney with everything.

Oooh Shiny

Lots of Lab49ers have toured the Federal Reserve Gold vault.  So far I’ve missed 2 tours.  Maybe next next time…

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

As reported here, I was the presenter at .Net Meetup.

WPF/Silverlight Charts Need Improvement

A recent review of charting controls for WPF / Silverlight found them inadequate when considering a combination of scalability, looks, and support for WPF features such as MVVM and styling.  One developer prefers the toolkit charts for their customizability.

On the same general subject, WPF grids could use improvement too.

How Many WPF Developers Does it Take To Screw In a Lightbulb?

If you know the answer, call a recruiter at Lab49.  We’re hiring.

TFS 2010 Doesn’t Suck

Early reports about Team Foundation Server are looking good.  While 2008 sounds horrible (I never used it), people are saying the 2010 version has easier setup and better management tools.  I’d be happy to wait till the next version to find out for myself.

We Like TeamCity

Not funny, but true.

Moving Across the Wire

Jira, Powershell, StreamInsight, Arcot, Nirvanna, HTML5, Trepp, Oktoberfest, iPhone


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