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I Missed You Resharper

Just spent a week without resharper while starting up a new project.  Here’s the features I used in the first half hour and why I was going crazy without it:

  • create & init Prop/Field from ctor
  • rename var to naming conventions
  • move class to file of proper name
  • lookup/add namespace
  • create backing field for Auto Property
  • create method from inference
  • create field
  • Alt-Up/Down — go to next block
  • add close quote/curly brace, etc.
  • remove unused using directives
  • jump to active file in solution explorer
  • to public for class declaration
  • xunit test runner

The best thing about ReSharper is that most of what I use it for is available via the Alt-Enter quick menu.  Not many hotkeys to learn.



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  1. aren’t at least ‘lookup/add namespace’ and ‘remove unused using directives’ already part of Visual Studio?

    Comment by Nikola Perich | October 17, 2010 | Reply

    • If they are part of VS they’re not configured in a way I like — quick, easy, seamless.

      For namespaces, with ReSharper if I know the name of a class, I type it and if its not referenced properly R# will prompt me with a “quick menu” — alt-enter and its taken care of. Without R#, not so much.

      Lookup namespace also works in XAML.

      On the usings, they’re grayed out in VS, but R# makes it a simple alt-enter and they’re gone. I don’t know if VS natively does anything so simple, quick and easy — with R#, I don’t have to care.

      The namespace lookup I use a lot. I’m not so concerned if I have unused usings, but its so easy I often clean it up anyway when I’m doing something at the top of the file.

      Comment by goldmanalpha | October 18, 2010 | Reply

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