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One Year @Lab

I recently passed the one year mark @Lab and realized I’ve been pretty busy.  And diverse:

5 projects, 4 clients, 4 offices, 4 teams, 3 business areas, 2 UI Frameworks, and umpteen other technologies.

Projets: Fixed Income Charting, Securites Trading, CRM, Fixed Income Monitoring, Fixed Income Trading

VS2008, VS2010, ReSharper 4.5/5

C#, C# and more C#

WPF, Prism/Unity, MVVM, RX

Silverlight, JavaScript

XAML, XAML, and more XAML

NUnit, MSTest, XUnit, Moq

Tibco/EMS, Web Services, SOAP, WCF

Linq (2SQL, 2Objects, 2XML), SQL Server

SVN, P4, Jira, Greenhopper, Version1

Infragistics, XCeed, WPF Toolkit


Never mind the 3 or 4 projects I did on the side…

Actions, Funcs, Dispatchers, Threadpools, Timers, oh my.


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