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Time is of the essence.


It’s been a while since the last @Lab post, so there’s a bit of catching up to do.

Lotsa Seminars

Since last @lab I’ve missed seminars on: JavaScript, HTML5, Clojure, Pivotal Tracker (Agile tool), but I was able to attend:

Jimmy Schementi on The Iron languages: Ruby, Python, and DLR

Running DLR code within a .Net program is an interesting idea. It’s a way to create a DSL, especially if your users already know Python.

Reports of the Death of Silverlight Exaggerated?

The story of the “strategy shift” for Silverlight got the office buzzing.  Has Microsoft given up on Silverlight in favor of HTML5?  Does this official clarification clarify?

The Consensus is that Silverlight has a few more good years left and there’s always something next anyway.  HTML5 is hardly mature and is still figuring out what its going to be when it grows up.






Flex Silverlight Code-Off


I had a fun time watching WPF guys sweating in Silverlight vs. the Flex A-Team.







I’ll Have Chips with That

imageAnother Lab49 Town Hall – Lots to talk about.  Thanks for the shout-out Luke.

Full attendance in NY with reasonable length presentations, chips, drinks and some of the best guacamole dip ever.

If anyone can name the company that goes with the picture above, I think there’s a prize (not from me though).  I made a submission but no luck.



Coolest MVVM framework yet.  Wow.



The UI will be awesome, it’ll have dancing bunnies and everything.

cool bunnies


Lunch For 35 was cancelled on account of 35 is too many.


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