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@Lab–Catchup Edition

HPC Gandhi


It looks like Shawn Gandhi’s HPC/Cloud Workgroup is really going well.  He had a big crowd at his BYOL event a few weeks ago:

Shawn worked with Nikita Ivanov, CEO for Gridgain Systems, on a live coding workshop where participants bring their own laptops.  They used Scala and Gridgain’s own DSL called Scalar, to create a simple cloud enabled map-reduce application which ran on on a grid setup using everyone’s laptop.  They also created a little ping-pong algorithm using Scala and the actor framework.

Ain’t it Cool Google News

Check out Google Demo Slam, we did:


Parsley, BYOL

Looks like this BYOL thing is really catching on.  Michel Boudreau, of the Flex clan, will be holding a Parsley BYOL event in Feb.

Cool Site of the Month


OK, Geeks, Listen Up

This post, on geeky mis-speak has dozens of replies.  Worth a read for those of us with foot in mouth syndrome.

Why I Love Software

With a little effort, it might not get tangled.


Small Audience Humor:  Haskell

Evolution of a Haskell Programmer

Haskell Researchers Announce Discovery

Programmer Competency Matrix

The ever popular and moderately controversial Programmer Competency Matrix.  Feel free to discuss.

New Time-Off Request Procedure



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