Tech Tock

Time is of the essence.


Geeky Fun

Fire up your What If Machine

What if Visual Studio had Achievements?


Choose a Side or Get Out of the Way

Flash VS HTML5.


Flash & HTML5 Together?

The classic game of pong comes back to life with Flash & HTML5.

An example of how flash and HTML5 can coexist in web applications. This is a table tennis game where half of the table is implemented in Flash and the other half is an HTML canvas.


Reflector.Cost != (decimal)0.0;

No more free reflector.



Extract Styles in Blend

Cool tip from the Dotneteers on extracting styles in Expression Blend.


Monads, Duals, and MinLink


This monad tutorial sparked a discussions and comment from our resident experts.  This talk sounds interesting.  Unfortunately its in England, and in the past, 2 barriers I’m currently having difficulty with.

Then again, maybe monads don’t matter.


above: Bart De Smet: MinLINQ – The Essence of LINQ – also related to Monads


Hmm… What’s a Code Review Site Good For?

Check it out.


SQL Replication works great IMHO, windbg, Gateway.NET, Air PrintingHadoop, Esper, Mono


Lab49 is sponsoring a Code Camp in February.  You too can speak.

Code Camps are “grass roots” mini application platform developer conferences, free of charge to attendees and open to presenters of all stripes and experience.


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