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Metup June 2011

The .Net Meetup in June was well attended with a strong Lab49 contingent in attendance.  The topics and speakers were a big draw for me.  All that and pizza too.  I enjoyed it.


Thorsten Lorenz gave a high level introduction to BDD and detailed his testing framework FSharpSpec.  The B is for behavior and I’m sure you know about the DD part.

I was quite impressed with Thorsten’s feature rich unit tester.  His comparison of frameworks reminded me that there’s more to testing than coverage. He even has his own mocks.  Pretty clever.


I was looking forward to hearing Snuggs speak about Git.  He’s widely versed in technology and a character to boot.  He did not disappoint.

I’ve heard about Git several times before, but never enough or in the right way to see why I should be using it.  Snuggs told us about about the internals, that its all about the branches and how awesome single feature commits and rollbacks can be.  Don’t forget about GitHub “it’s like facebook for programmers”.

Something definitely clicked and for the next few days I was repeatedly seeing issues I expected Git would help resolve better. I heard that some clients are using Git, so I can definitely see Git in my future.


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