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No x:Type, No Problem

I had an interesting problem this week.  I needed to use a default template on a subclassed control.  Ordinarily, that would just be:

Style=”{StaticResource {x:Type BaseClass}}”

Of course in Silverlight, there is no x:Type.

The solution I used was to make an attached behavior that takes the class that has the style, finds the style in the resources and applies it.

The problem

Using a TextBox as an example, here’s some default styling that doesn’t get applied to the subclass:

        <TextBoxText=“Auto Styled”/>

It ends up looking like this:


The Solution

With an attached behavior, it can look like this (the bottom TextBoxSubclass has the default TextBox style applied):

        <TextBoxText=“Auto Styled”/>

The attached behavior is pretty simple:

        static void StyleTypeValueChanged(DependencyObject sender, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
            //need to be loaded so the visual tree can exist and be traversed
            (sender as FrameworkElement).Loaded += (sender1, args) =>
                    (sender as Control).Style = (Style)FindResource(sender, e.NewValue.GetType());
        static objectFindResource(DependencyObject start, object resourceKey)
            var nextUp = VisualTreeHelper.GetParent(start);
            while (nextUp != null)
                var fe = nextUp as FrameworkElement;
                if (fe != null)
                    var result = fe.Resources[resourceKey];
                    if (result != null)
                        return result;
                nextUp = VisualTreeHelper.GetParent(nextUp);
            return null;


I think its exceedingly obvious how you could apply this universally as a default style on the subclass.  This looks like it has potential to be a pattern to compensate for other Silverlight omissions too.

You can download the full tiny demo on GitHub.


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