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The Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified

I take most of my notes in Gregg Shorthand.  Its helped me a lot.  Now I’m teaching my son to write the script with this 1955 edition.  You can get it on Amazon for next to nothing.  Its wonderfully anachronistic with its advertisements for coal heating tune-ups and hotel rooms for 4 dollars.

I find shorthand very easy to write and harder to read. I have very little reading practice. I write 10 times more than I read and only use notes for a few detail confirmations.

The hardest part of learning shorthand is the few words in the writing/reading practice that just don’t make sense no matter how hard you try (and are so obvious once you find out – like most bugs).  I’ve made some recordings so that won’t be a problem.  Here’s a link to the lesson 8 and 9 readings.  I’ll post the earlier lessons on request.


Here’s the request for 300 copies of a mailing piece in reading 63 below:




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