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Time is of the essence.


When a DataGrid Lets You Down

WPF Perf was recommended to solve a performance issue in a commercial datagrid.  It gives some useful info:  rendering thread cpu usage, dirty region, etc., and it’s part of the sdk now.

M$ vs. Apple

Everyone took note as Apple’s market cap exceeded Microsoft’s.  Some AppleHeads are rejoicing.  UX team members showed their pride.

Product DetailshaXe Can’t Hack It?

Multi platform addition to ActionScript 3, haXe, with generics, enums, type inference, etc. is said to be limited by the need to work across all platforms and not suitable for enterprise use.  At least one Flex  developer is disappointed.  On the other hadd, the “Professional haXe and Neko” book is in our library, so maybe there’s hope.

On The WPF Toolkit DataGrid

There’s nothing like fighting XAML to bring out the surly side of a developer who said:

There are very few bad free things in life, but this is one of them.  The only thing good about this grid is the price.  Do not under any circumstances use this grid.  Even on price.

You’ve been warned.

Fix The Debt

Several Lab49ers had no problem stabilizing the US debt at:

Holiday Weekend Heats Up Lab Atmosphere

Lot’s of visitors and energy @Lab this Friday.  Must have something to do with the holiday.

What Makes a Restaurant

Is Subway a sit-down restaurant?  You decide.

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Week @Lab 2/6/10

Seminar @Lab is Back

There’s going to be more seminars @Lab.  I’m looking forward to a 2 part series on high frequency trading and I’m gearing up to give some presentations myself.

Very Agile

This is not the place to ask for Agile or Scrum advice if you’re not serious about it.  A book inquiry got about 30 responses in no time flat.


Lots of Labbers have advice on which hosting company to choose.  The most intriguing choice was Windows Azure.

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Agile is the Word – Jira Does It

Had a great talk with a senior consultant @Lab. He told me about a group at a major bank that’s getting into Agile and loving it.

He recommended Jira and GreenHopper plug-in to manage the process.

JIRA combines issue tracking, agile project management, customizable workflow, and a pluggable integration framework to increase the velocity of your software development team.

Starter packs of 10 licenses are only $10, so you can’t lose.

This is an unsolicited endorsement.  I’m not making a penny off this, but if anyone wants to send me some, I’m OK with that too.

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