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Caliburn–Hasta la Vista

My Caliburn project is over.  A couple of thoughts.

I liked Caliburn Micro.  The best thing was that it makes it easy to connect events and methods — where you would normally use a DelegateCommand/ICommand and binding, now you get simple by convention auto wireup.  The worst thing is that using convention to autowire VM to View doesn’t show mock data in Blend for my favorite mock data objects which are subclasses of the VM, so I ended up using explicit bindings in the Xaml and not using a big benefit of Caliburn.

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Caliburn Micro–Soup to Nuts

Just getting into Caliburn Micro for a new Silverlight project.  I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the official cheat sheet was “coming soon”.  Rob Eisenberg made this excellent 9+ part Soup to Nuts tutorial and the Soup to Nuts section of the documentation has content, so the documentation for Caliburn is actually pretty good.  Of course, both these resources suffer from the death of the long form.  Once again I had to convert them to pdf so I could read them on the subway.  Maybe next time I’ll try this utility.

In any case, I’m excited to try out Caliburn Micro and my experience so far has been positive, but more on that later.

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