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Company Picnic

The Lab49 picnic was a blast.  Sun, lake, beach, food, beer and volleyball.  Some cute kids came too.  I highly recommend the bus and my son keeps talking about the ski trip, but he gave this one a big thumbs up too.

Quote of the Week

MejerTShirtOn Erik Meijer:  “I disagree with …(insert RX duality criticism here)… but of course, he’s right.”

I wish I could be so confident to find a disagreement, but I bet I’d come to the same conclusion.

Architecture, Architecture, Architecture

Six glowing reviews for Release It! A couple Lab49ers, including who has met the author, think the book is worthy.  And it has a Jolt Award.  Interestingly, more than one Lab49er pans the Pragmatic Bookshelf in general.

Of couse GoF and PoEAA are must reads.  IMHO anyone who hasn’t read these yet must be a bit wet behind the ears.  After that Domain Driven Design is highly recommended, with an interesting critique on “Who should drive paradigms”.

On Agile:  Practices of an Agile Developer, Ship It!

Also, Continuous Delivery.

My reading list just got longer.

Lady Java

Great to see that JAVA now has its own anthem.

AC_Run_Content javascript wrapper used to load Flex applications

I don’t know what it means either, but there’s a few people @Lab who do.  It has something to do with Flex and Wmode, whatever that is…


Boilerplate or Reset.


Flex: UML for Flex/AS, Saffron

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WPF Rendering Performance Improvement

Lab49’s Charlie Robbins  has a 2 magnitude WPF tip.

Silverlight Vs. Flex

Interesting discussion of Flex vs. Silverlight.  I’m a .Net guy so I’m biased and I prefer to develop in Silverlight.  The environment is more mature.  On the other hand you can’t argue with the 90%+ installed base of Flex support.  This .Net guy came out in favor of Silverlight (surprise, surprise), but concludes that his latest “flex app is the best looking application I’ve ever seen”.  On the other hand I see awesome looking Silverlight apps @Lab all the time.  I was even on a team that made one (the designer is to credit — my UIs are not pretty by nature — but with a designer and Silverlight I was surprised what I could do).  Also, its somewhat disappointing that the best discussion of this fast moving topic is a year old.

More Apple Controversy

Is this guy good or evil (play the video in the link)?  I’m on the fence.  Lock-in is annoying, but being able to profit from innovation is important.  The issue of Apple limiting what apps you can develop with is something of a lock-out.

In any case, a user can just lean back and enjoy the iPad in good health.

Tech Seminar – DSLs:  Implementation options in .Net

I know several Lab49 projects have used domain specific languages and I have an interest in the topic, but unfortunately I was out that day :(.

New Rx

A new release of Rx was dropped on Friday.  Is it amazing responsiveness or just coincidence that some Lab49ers reported a bug on Tuesday that was fixed in this release?

Cell Phone Explosion

This is the second time I’ve been warned of the phenomenon.

Google Maps – Now in 3D

Get your 3D glasses and go.  You do have 3D glasses, don’t you?

SAP Buys Sybase

Now they have 3 CEP engines and a database with a whopping 3% market share.  But Sybase is still entrenched in financial companies, so there’s that…

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@Lab this Week

A weekly roundup of interesting things I hear about at the Lab, since this is the first one, it covers a bit more than a week.

A couple of Flex developers commented that WPF and Silverlight are so much more mature, easier and feature rich.  They were half right as this popular diagram shows:

Some UX designers working with Expression Blend said it’s not horrible, so now I don’t feel too bad asking them to use it.

This fun character interaction chart was much discussed (small version here).  I think it gives an interesting summary of some great movies.  It may bear a resemblance to the Napoleon March Map.

And the movie Primer, with the scribbly chart, is about time travel.  One commenter suggests the creator of the chart didn’t understand the movie, but it looks like a movie I’ve got to see.

Who builds domain specific languages? I just met a couple of guys @Lab and it makes more sense than I thought.  One application is to build a really small and focused keyword set so users can write programs they can validate and maintain.

MongoDB (from “humongous”) “is a high-performance, open source, schema-free document-oriented database.”  That’s heavy verbiage to say you can store and retrieve and you don’t have to design your database, whatever you send it, it will just save for you, no tables, no troubles.   Looks great for a lot of web storage needs. We had a seminar @Lab and document oriented dbs seem to have a definite niche. CouchDB is another product in the space.

Its hard to see a parade when you’re 20 stories over it, but throwing stuff was loads of fun:

06-11-09_1127 (2).croppedjpg
A Million Stringless Kites
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