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A Few Short Words

As a fan of word games, and dabbling a little with Html and JavaScript, I made this little app (a few months ago), to drill on 2 letter words.  Sometime I’ll add the 3 letter words and more.

I played around with augment, es5 shim sham, and require.js, and of course jQuery and jQueryUI.  I probably made a bit of a mess, but its just for fun.

Of course it comes with unit tests in qUnit. If its good enough for jQuery, its good enough for my toys.

Play it here.

As usual, also available on GitHub.

Now back to WPF till enough people ask me for 3 letters.



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My Next Android App

PhoneGap looks pretty cool.

PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about.

This framework looks ready now and seems to support SqlLite, so I’ll definitely be trying it out for my next Android app.

Also, on the JavaScript/HTML/CSS for phones  topic is this O’Reilly book that’s free to read in previews:

Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, 2nd Edition

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Coding Like its 1999

Just doing a little playing around with jQuery.  Planning to make something more substantial soon.  You can see the page here.

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