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Channel9 Slurpy Update

I discovered a couple things since I posted the Channel9 Video Slurper instructions.

It seems that HTTrack doesn’t like pound signs in URLs, so the examples in my original post would only download the first page.  So I changed the #’s to ?’s and its working just fine.

I found a way to increase the speed.  Normally it seems throttled at 25K, but if you enter 999999 in Options/Limits/Max Transfer Rate, it will go to 100K.

Hopefully the redesign of Channel9 doesn’t break the setup.

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HTTrack Project Template

I’ve been slurping a lot of video from Channel9, so I have another HTTrack tip.  As you can see here, an HTTrack project is copyable, so you don’t need to enter all the settings every time you find a new topic to download.  Just make a template project with the settings once and copy that folder in your “My Web Sites” directory whenever you want to start a new project.  Name the copied folder with the new project name.  The next time you start HTTrack, the new project folder will appear in your Projects list and you can just enter the new URLs and slurp away.


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