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Narcissism–I Wrote the App for That

My Android App is now functional enough to do basically everything I need.  With very few taps, it quickly dates and records statistics and notes that I want to keep track of daily.  The app is called DailyDo, but my sister has dubbed it the narcissism app.  Its actually a self improvement app.  Call it what you like.  Its all function with an interface completely lacking in style, optimized for data entry and navigation speed.

You can download the apk from github here. Or browse the code here.

Here’s a brief tour:

The app opens to the current date and a category group of items that I’m tracking.  For example, in the morning I check my weight (working on that last 5 pounds) and note my departure time:


AM Items blank


With a single click on the incrementors or decrementors (<< – + >>) the previous value is entered and I only have to click once or twice to update to the current value (things never change as quickly as one would wish). I only support ints and dates, so my weight below is in tenths.


AM Items


For time values, the “now” is clickable to set the current time.

Click an item row (above – click on empty space in the row) to see its history.  Any entry can also have a note that shows in the history.  Clicking the “D” above opens the note entry form.  And clicking any history row below will open that date so other data can be reviewed.

Weight History2

Of course there’s add items, where you can select and create categories.  But unfortunately, there’s no delete item or delete category… Yet.

Add Items

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Company Picnic

The Lab49 picnic was a blast.  Sun, lake, beach, food, beer and volleyball.  Some cute kids came too.  I highly recommend the bus and my son keeps talking about the ski trip, but he gave this one a big thumbs up too.

Quote of the Week

MejerTShirtOn Erik Meijer:  “I disagree with …(insert RX duality criticism here)… but of course, he’s right.”

I wish I could be so confident to find a disagreement, but I bet I’d come to the same conclusion.

Architecture, Architecture, Architecture

Six glowing reviews for Release It! A couple Lab49ers, including who has met the author, think the book is worthy.  And it has a Jolt Award.  Interestingly, more than one Lab49er pans the Pragmatic Bookshelf in general.

Of couse GoF and PoEAA are must reads.  IMHO anyone who hasn’t read these yet must be a bit wet behind the ears.  After that Domain Driven Design is highly recommended, with an interesting critique on “Who should drive paradigms”.

On Agile:  Practices of an Agile Developer, Ship It!

Also, Continuous Delivery.

My reading list just got longer.

Lady Java

Great to see that JAVA now has its own anthem.

AC_Run_Content javascript wrapper used to load Flex applications

I don’t know what it means either, but there’s a few people @Lab who do.  It has something to do with Flex and Wmode, whatever that is…


Boilerplate or Reset.


Flex: UML for Flex/AS, Saffron

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C# beats C++ in Job Market. Both lose to Java

The number of jobs on Dice for C# is now higher than the number of jobs for C++.  They were about even last year, but it seems C# has taken the lead and C++ is on the decline.  C# fans rejoice.  On the other hand Java has as many postings as C# and C++ combined:

C# 5,014
C++ 4,532
Java 10,568

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