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I Missed the Boat

I’m sure Lab49’ers had a great time at the summer kickoff party.  I unfortunately had an unexpected conflict :(.

AndroideroidsAndroid + Asteroids + multiplayer = Androideroids (video)

One Lab49’er knows the guy who made this.

10 Thumbs Up for SketchFlow

On the question of design tools it seems Lab49 UX designers overwhelmingly recommend SketchFlow.  By MS?!? Yup its by Microsoft.  They hate to love it.

Also noted for “casual use”:  Balsamiq and GoMockingBird

Visualizing the World Cup


Rick Winslow noted:  The ingenious information designers at NYTimes have produced dense, interactive visualizations of each game.

They have integrated player stats, areas of play, events (shots on goal) and more for the entire length of the game in a very tiny, mobile friendly footprint (less than 500×500 pixels).


There’s a cool world cup schedule guide too.


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Steve Jobs to Flash:  Drop Dead

Several of us were impressed by Steve Jobs poison pen to FlashAdobe’s response that there’s plenty of other devices for them to work with was “simple and to the point,” but much less interesting.

Powerpoint Rears its Ugly Head

With our healthy UX Practice, a Powerpoint Article in the NY Times will get a lot of comments.  Let’s just agree that its not going away and Powerpoint’s weaknesses are ancient history and current practice.  Daniel Cohen gave the topic some more ink.

On Blend

We love Expression Blend (its better than all others – all others being none), but…

On the subject of extracting templates, one esteemed colleague said:

“Blend doesn’t do the right thing unless its really simple.”

Winner of the Star Trek Trivia Contest is:

image Me, because nobody else played.  Anyway, it seems much of the staff wasn’t even born when the original series was on the air.

Why is HP Buying Palm

Discuss among yourselves – we did.

UI vs UX

I for one, know that I do UI, which has not much in common with UX.  I think business people want to get a 2 for 1 special in the extremely rare bird who can be a great developer and UX designer at the same time.  They probably don’t know what UX is or understand its value.

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@Lab this Week

A weekly roundup of interesting things I hear about at the Lab, since this is the first one, it covers a bit more than a week.

A couple of Flex developers commented that WPF and Silverlight are so much more mature, easier and feature rich.  They were half right as this popular diagram shows:

Some UX designers working with Expression Blend said it’s not horrible, so now I don’t feel too bad asking them to use it.

This fun character interaction chart was much discussed (small version here).  I think it gives an interesting summary of some great movies.  It may bear a resemblance to the Napoleon March Map.

And the movie Primer, with the scribbly chart, is about time travel.  One commenter suggests the creator of the chart didn’t understand the movie, but it looks like a movie I’ve got to see.

Who builds domain specific languages? I just met a couple of guys @Lab and it makes more sense than I thought.  One application is to build a really small and focused keyword set so users can write programs they can validate and maintain.

MongoDB (from “humongous”) “is a high-performance, open source, schema-free document-oriented database.”  That’s heavy verbiage to say you can store and retrieve and you don’t have to design your database, whatever you send it, it will just save for you, no tables, no troubles.   Looks great for a lot of web storage needs. We had a seminar @Lab and document oriented dbs seem to have a definite niche. CouchDB is another product in the space.

Its hard to see a parade when you’re 20 stories over it, but throwing stuff was loads of fun:

06-11-09_1127 (2).croppedjpg
A Million Stringless Kites
Also mentioned Treasury, F#Scrum, Java Meetup 11/11, VS 2010 Beta 2 Now Available, Apple Mouse, More Mice, Free Money From High Frequency Trading, Agile Boston 11/25

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