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Channel9 Slurpy Update

I discovered a couple things since I posted the Channel9 Video Slurper instructions.

It seems that HTTrack doesn’t like pound signs in URLs, so the examples in my original post would only download the first page.  So I changed the #’s to ?’s and its working just fine.

I found a way to increase the speed.  Normally it seems throttled at 25K, but if you enter 999999 in Options/Limits/Max Transfer Rate, it will go to 100K.

Hopefully the redesign of Channel9 doesn’t break the setup.

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Insanely Cool Video Effects – In WPF!

Here’s a video on Channel 9 from last year showing the incredible things you can do with hardware accelerated graphics in WPF.  I found it totally awesome and was amazed by the incredible performance.

Here’s a textbox on a waving cloth.  I can see somebody doing something with a flag with this effect:

Here’s a 3D window.

I don’t know what the practical applications are in my line of work, but it sure is cool.

The original video includes some more effects that I would describe as more normal video effects such as morphing and color transforms, but with great performance and some extra goodies and it all seems to work with video.

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